Which Option is Best for Me?

There are numerous options available to you on The option that you select really depends on what your goals are. The following are some guidelines that you can use to make the decision that makes the most sense for you.

There are 4 options available to you – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Here is a breakdown of why you may chose one over another.


This option is the entry level one and it is a great option when 1) you are on a right budget and 2) you want to put a demo or mixtape together. It includes a professionally mastered MP3 that you can load in any DAW. The idea here is that since it is already mastered, you do not need to do anything with the track was it relates to levels. This means that when you record your vocals, you’ll need to mix your vocals so that it matches the volume of the track. You do not want to master your song using the mastered MP3. It will sound horrible.

Something to keep in mind when looking at the Bronze option is that this is non-exclusive license.  What that means is that multiple artists can use the same beat.  If being original is important to you, then you probably want to jump to Gold or Platinum.  If you are doing a mixtape or whatever though, using a non-exclusive is not a big deal.


The Silver option goes a step further. It includes a professionally mastered 24-bit WAV file, as well as a 24-bit MIXDOWN file. This is important because if you want your song to sound more custom, you will want to minimally record your vocals to the MIXED version of the beat and not the mastered. Why? If you record your vocals to the MIXED version of the beat, you can then get it mastered WITH your vocals. This means all the colorization and other nice things that mastering gives you will be done on both the beat and your vocals. I personally think this is the option that most artists should start with, simply because it is still affordable but it will give you a better end product.

Just like the Bronze option, the Silver is a non-exclusive license. While you can get a better end-product (than using the Bronze option), it can still be used by multiple artists.


Now we are starting to get into the professional ranks.  While the Gold option gives you the mastered version of the beat and even the mix down version of the beat, it also provides what are known as trackouts or stems.  These are the individual files that make up the song itself.  For instance, if the drums are made up of 9 individual sounds, you’ll get 9 separate files. This gives you the most flexibility in terms of mixing because you can control every single element of the song.  While I do my best to create a pocket for your vocals in all of my mixes and masters, nothing beats being able to record your vocals and then being able to mix the beat elements along with your vocals.  When people talk about “getting your vocals in a pocket”, this is largely possible because you have complete control.  This option also means you need to know how to mix, or you have a mixing engineer.  If you are an artist who has neither, then you may want to keep with the Bronze or Silver option.

An extremely important distinction between Gold and Silver (and Bronze) is that Gold gives you an exclusive license.  This means that I will not license this track to another artist.  Obviously I can only do that if another artist has not already purchased a non-exclusive license.  So if you hear something that inspires you, you will want to jump on it.


For years, this is all I did for my clients.  This is where I will customize the track to meet your vision.  Don’t like the bass? I can switch it out.  Want 3 verses instead of 2? I can do that.  Need me to add another transition? Done. It is as close as you can get to us sitting in a studio together.  If you are thinking about the Gold option, I’d encourage you to reach out to me to discuss the Platinum.  Costs on the platinum is dependent on your budget so I have some leeway there.  It really depends on what you are trying to do and who you are. (For instance, if Kanye West wants to use a beat, he is going to pay more than Pookie around the block).  Like the Gold option, Platinum gives you an exclusive license as well.

I hope this helps.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me.