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Introverted Music Producer


Those who know me on a personal level know this about me.

  • My inner circle is small.
  • I hate Facebook.
  • I like Twitter because I can be somewhat anonymous.
  • I will rarely take a selfie.
  • I enjoy quiet time.
  • I watch football by myself.
  • I dislike going to music concerts and meet-ups.

However, I enjoy producing music. Have so since I started teaching myself how to use a midi keyboard with Cakewalk at Del Mar College.  Oh wait, scratch that.  Goes back before even then when I used to use my speaker grill to record “scratches” using the microphone on my boombox. Been a minute.  Anyway, I love composing music, using notes and chords to drive emotion.  Using drum patterns and finding the smallest place to fit in that ghost kick or high hat roll, just because I can. While music isn’t my life (cuz Jesus is 1st, Family is 2nd), Music is a big part of it and I have no doubt that I’ll be making music when I’m in Heaven, Glorifying the Creator. That’s me.

Today, the industry celebrates the extroverts.  Every single time I see Billboard or ASCAP post something on Twitter about a producer doing things, they are always those Type A types.  The producers who want to be seen, wearing designer clothes, always coming straight from the barber.  Those who like to be (and often need to be) the center of attention.  The problem is, that isn’t me. It isn’t like I’m depressed or anything either.  I’m always thinking of something funny or sarcastic to say.  I laugh a lot and I got jokes. I just don’t hang out with a bunch of people and try to chop it up – instead  I gain energy when I’m by myself, thinking and doing.  I’m not a wanna be, superstar producer.  That has never been me and never will be me.  I do not desire to be that.

It is common knowledge that the key to being successful in the music industry is directly related to your relationships.  This is 100% correct.  The challenge for me is that I’m an introvert – but I make no apologies about it. It’s part of what allows me to do what I do.  The only problem is that I have 90+ beats in my catalog and without an outlet (meaning multiple relationships to shop my beats), there is nowhere for them to go! That isn’t entirely true because I generally have something brewing with a few artists but no doubt that if I had the Type A personality of your favorite producer, you’d see “produced by Moody” in many more places. Maybe I need an intermediary to broker deals for me.  Maybe I can be a ghost producer.  I’d actually be cool with either one of those.

Anyway, in an effort to “get myself out there more”, I’m actually thinking about going to the ASCAP Expo in LA this year.  Conferences can be emotionally draining to those who are wired like myself but it may be a good move.  I’ll naturally have to fight the innate desire to go to the back of the room and just chill but I figure it is a small price to pay to broaden my reach and exposure.  I might even force myself to go to a meet-up or two.  I did the iStandard Beat Battle in Dallas in 2011 and that was OK so it isn’t like I haven’t done it before.  Just gotta step out more.

So yeah, I’m a music producer who is an introvert.  I know it has cost me quite a few placements over the years but that’s OK.  Not always about that. I just want to make good music with the right people and do so without having to be something that I’m not.  😉

What about you? Are you an introverted music producer?

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