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I specialize in urban beats, namely Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B beats (or instrumentals).    A lot of folks think I go by Moody because my sound can be classified as moody but that’s just my name.  I tend to use a lot of minor keys which gives my beats that more “emotional” sound but that isn’t a hard and fast rule.  I do whatever I hear.  As of late I’ve been doing more alternative R&B beats.  I’m always working on something new and different.

My arsenal consists of Native Instruments Maschine (been using since 2011), keyboard, my iPhone, my iPad, a lot of VSTs and a lot of samples that I’ve obtained over the years. All of my stuff is cleared; I don’t sample songs because I don’t need that drama. If it sounds like I sampled a song, its because I set out to make it sound that way.

You got two ways to listen to my beats.  The first is to use the media player on the bottom of this page.  I already loaded up my entire catalog so you can listen.  (Hint: Go to the catalog to change the genre if you want to be more specific in what you hear.)  The other way is to use SoundCloud. Just click the playlist below to go to that particular playlist.  These same beats are in my full catalog but they are organized to make it easier to find your inspiration.

NOTE: I don’t post full quality beats online. They were encoded as medium quality MP3s. That’s for all u beat jackers.  So if you something you like but you question my overall sound quality, hit me up. I promise you my stuff is legit, I just found posting medium quality MP3s is the best way to guard against my material being stolen (cuz I got stories.)


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Phone (or Text): (972) 372-4688

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How much do you charge?

Every engagement is different so I adjust based on your situation.  I’m very reasonable though.  I’ve never let money in the way of making good music.

What type of licensing do you do?

I only do exclusive licensing.  I don’t jack with non-exclusive stuff and I don’t sell $10 beats.

What equipment do you use?

I’ve been using Native Instruments Maschine exclusively since 2011.  Before that I was using Cakewalk, Sony ACID and Fruityloops.

I like your beats.  How do we get started?

Just use the contact form and send me a note or text to get the process started.

How long have you been producing music?

Started getting more serious in 1996 (producing for songs that I was writing and performing) and started doing this for others in 2001.


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