Moody is a versatile music producer specializing in original melodic trap, hip-hop, and R&B instrumentals.

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Featured instrumental to showcase my sound. The majority of my production are melodic in nature, blending elements of hip-hop, trap, R&B and soul.

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Creating a Canvas for You

My creative process for making tracks involves using premium virtual instruments (VSTs) like Kontakt, Massive, Sylenth and Serum. If that means nothing to you, that’s OK – just know that I produce original tracks. From the chords I play and my sound selection, they all come together to build a canvas for storytelling and introspection. I only produce what I feel.

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Get inspired by my new tracks, featuring newly released melodic beats to spark your creativity,

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Sound Kits 04

Explore my latest original drum kits, either recorded or synthesized by me and then dipped in my secret hot sauce. 

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You’d think as a producer that all of my tracks are my favorite, but nah, these are right now

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Having an exclusive license for your track emphasizes your commitment to your craft. Not only that, you don’t run into drama like takedown requests because no other artist is using the same beat.


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exclusive melodic beats

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