General Questions FAQ

What types of beats do you offer?

I offer a wide range of melodic beats, including Rap, Hip-Hop, Melodic Trap, and R&B.

I noticed that the quality of the previews aren't high quality. Is the issue on my end?

No, it's not an issue on your end! I set the preview quality to 112kbps intentionally to protect my beats from being stolen. It is the same reason why the beat only plays for 45 seconds too. With tools like LALAL.AI that can separate song stems, I'm extra cautious. One way around it is to request access to premium features, which is free to you.

How can I listen to the full beats before buying?

You can listen to full beats (at 320kpbs quality) by requesting VIP status. This will allow you to listen to hi-quality full previews, save your favorites, and negotiate prices on a beat.

How do I purchase a beat license?

You begin by making an offer on a beat. I do this because I only do exclusives and I know every situation is different. I use WooPayments to securely process the transaction. There are a variety of options available, such as credit card, bank transfer, and even Affirm. As of right now, I only accept U.S. based purchases.

How much do you charge for a beat?

I only charge what we mutually agree to and the price I'm willing to sell a beat to you for is largely dependent on you as an individual.

Are you open to being a ghost producer?


Are these really exclusive beats? Do you sell them as non-exclusive first?

These are legit exclusive beats. Selling a beat as a non-exclusive and then turning around and selling the same one as an exclusive is a paradox. To me, exclusive means it’s only ever yours as an artist—the first and last to use it to create a song.

License Agreement Questions FAQ

What rights do I get with an exclusive license?

With an exclusive license, you get the right to use the beat for your own song. You can record your song, release it, and perform it everywhere. No one else can use the beat the same way during the time it’s exclusively yours.

How much does the exclusive license cost?

You pay a one-time fee for the exclusive rights (commonly referred to as a "producer fee". This fee is fixed and covers all the rights detailed in the license, meaning once you pay it, the beat is yours to use under those terms without any additional costs, outside of earnings.

How do we handle earnings from the music made with your beat?

We split the mechanical royalties right down the middle. That means we both get an equal share of the earnings from things like sales and streams.

Are the license terms negotiable?

Absolutely! I believe the terms of the license are fair for both parties, designed to respect and protect the interests of everyone involved. However, I understand that every project has unique needs, so I encourage you or your legal counsel to review the agreement and feel free to suggest any changes. I'm quite flexible and open to discussing adjustments to make sure the license meets your specific requirements. Just reach out, and let’s work together to make it perfect for your needs.

What does a buy-out of the exclusive license entail?

Yes, a buy-out option is definitely available. Since I only offer exclusive licenses and do not rely on volume sales of non-exclusive beats, my main compensation if a song is successful comes from royalties. However, if you're interested in a buy-out to own the beat outright (essentially a "work for hire") and not owe any future royalties, we can certainly discuss it. The terms of a buy-out would be based on the potential future earnings of the beat and what it's worth economically to both of us. I'm open to negotiating a fair buy-out that aligns with your needs and the value of the music.

What if there's a disagreement or a need to check the financial details?

Basically if there's ever a need to check the books to make sure everything’s on track with what’s been agreed, I have the right to do that. It's just to ensure both of us are getting our fair share according to our agreement. Truth is, unless something takes off and is earning a lot of money, I'm not even messing with it.

How should I credit you in my releases?

Just put "Produced by Moody" in the credits. If you can only put my name (which is often the case on a digital distribution), just put "Moody".

Technical and Support Questions FAQ

What file formats will I receive with my purchased beat?

You will receive the beat in a compressed zip file containing 24-bit STEM files in WAV format for professional audio mixing. Also in the compressed zip is a 24-bit mixed WAV files, along with a mastered high-quality MP3 or WAV file. If you need other formats (like AIFF), just let me know. That won't cost you anything.

What if I experience issues downloading the beat?

If you have difficulties downloading the beat, notify me through the contract form or just respond to the order email. I can assist and potentially provide the files on a flash drive if needed.

Make an Offer

Use the form below to send me your offer for this beat.  Once we agree on something (we will do this via email), I’ll send you a personal discount code that you can use in the cart. If you are wanting a package deal, just list the beats and the total dollar amount.