Music Production Services

I can help with more than just making beats.

Custom Beat

Custom Beat

I can create you a custom beat based on criteria that you give me. Typically this works by providing me a reference track so I can emulate the vibe, tempo and key. Then we settle on the song arrangement and fine tune to create something entirely new and original.



If you leased a beat from me, I can mix the song for you too. Simply use the stereo reference mix I send you, record your vocals in the studio of your choice, and have your recording engineer send me the session. I currently use Presonus Studio One Professional as my mixing DAW and make extensive use of WAVES plugins. I then bounce stems out of Studio One to further process the audio through Universal Audio’s Neve Summing exclusively for LUNA. I can also get the song mastered for you too, or send you the final mix so you can get it mastered yourself. 


Exclusive Tracks

I only offer exclusive licensing for my tracks. Basically this means I won’t shop the beat you purchase a license for to another artist for 10 years (specified in the license agreement) and I will pull it off my site. I typically do not do buy-outs but it is something I will consider in the right situation.

100% "No Drama" Production

When I say I offer a 100% “No Drama” music production experience, here’s what I mean: What I produce is entirely free of any licensing issues or sample clearance headaches. Why? I’m not trying to be sued. I made a decision shortly after buying a turntable that I’m not going to be a sampler. I love the art form, but not the liability. As a result, I only use samples that are fully licensed for my use as a music producer and are royalty-free. Additionally, I make extensive use of premium VSTs like Kontakt, Massive, Sylenth, and Serum – tools I’ve personally invested in to deliver the highest quality sound for my music production. 

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What's Included

When getting an exclusive beat from me, you will get the following:

  • A license agreement that protects both of us.
  • A high-quality reference track that you can use to write to.
  • 24-bit stems of each track for your mixing engineer. Drums are separated as well since I don’t use pre-made drum loops.
  • Documented song key, BPM and current beat arrangement.
  • Up to 3 revisions to the beat. This can include things like swapping out a high hat, snare or even changing up the beat arrangement.
  • Dedicated support.



Make an Offer

Use the form below to send me your offer for this beat.  Once we agree on something (we will do this via email), I’ll send you a personal discount code that you can use in the cart. If you are wanting a package deal, just list the beats and the total dollar amount.