About Moody

I am a music producer, mixing engineer, and songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. I prefer to stay behind the scenes, focusing on music production, and it’s always a joy to hear the finished products from the artists I work with. My expertise in technology allows me to use the Internet as my studio, enabling collaborations with artists from LA to NYC. I also record my own songs under the artist name sanktifyd. Sanktifyd Music is my own personal label and publishing company.


With over two decades of experience, my journey has taken me from crafting beats for my own performances to working with diverse artists and Black theatre. I’ve had the privilege of producing music for artists stretching from L.A. to NYC. My compositions have also made it into networks like Bravo and Ovation.

Brief Discography

I have mostly done production for Gospel-centered artists. I did some work for the late actor and L.A. native Deezer D in 2006, and also did the majority of the production on LA-based rapper K.E.R.M.’s By Design (2010) album. I paused doing music for others after that, concentrating instead of shifting from ACID Pro to Maschine and just honing my craft. I started ramping back up producing for others in 2015, doing a remix for Mr. Solo (Gospel Gangstaz), and did some work for Deezer D again in 2016, producing his single Thank God. I produced 5 songs (Guilty, I’m a Beast, Seasons, Watch How You Talkin, Ooh Wee) for Houston rapper Lil’ Raskull’s album Gory to Glory 2 which was released in 2018. I also produced the single Jus’ a Lil’ Bit for Ras in 2018. Of course COVID hit in 2019, so I went back to school and put a lot of music things on a partial pause. After finishing my degree in 2022, I started picking up production again which brings us to today.

My Why

As a follower of Jesus, my primary goal is to produce music that leads to Truth. Whether you share my faith or simply wish to create good music, I’m here to collaborate. All good music, in my view, is a reflection of divine inspiration as spoke in James 1:17.

Creative Process

Simplicity is probably the best way to describe my sound. Whether the beat is one of introspection, encouragement or confidence, I do it through simplicity so the artist (you) can be the focal point. My goal is for lyrics to be drawn out of you when you listen to my production. 

I have many musical inspirations, with R&B and anything melodic being the main drivers. It is natural for me to craft beats that easily fit both Rap and R&B. This versatility has been a cornerstone of my sound. I also play a lot by ear, allowing emotion be the main driver vs music theory alone. 

I rely on production tools like Native Instruments Maschine, Kontakt, Serum, Sylenth, Massive, and Komplete Kontrol for crafting beats. I play nearly all elements in my beats myself and pride myself on creating original loops. For recording and mixing, I use Studio One paired with a UA interface, and I’ve recently embraced Neve Summing with LUNA.


Make an Offer

Use the form below to send me your offer for this beat.  Once we agree on something (we will do this via email), I’ll send you a personal discount code that you can use in the cart. If you are wanting a package deal, just list the beats and the total dollar amount.