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Here are some of my exclusive beats. If you hear anything that inspires you, get at me on twitter, IG or use the contact page.  Everything I do is custom so arranging the beat to meet your individual story is no problem at all.  I also export stems in clean, 24-bit audio so that you can get the best possible mix (and product) with your mixing engineer.  Quality is important to me.

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Phone (or Text): (972) 372-4688

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How much do you charge?

Every engagement is different so I adjust based on your situation and budget.  I try to not let money in the way of making good music though. It’s bigger than that for me.

What type of licensing do you do?

I only do exclusive licensing only.

What equipment do you use?

I’ve been using Native Instruments Maschine exclusively since 2011.  Before that I was using Cakewalk, Sony ACID and Fruityloops.

I like your beats.  How do we get started?

Just use the contact form and send me a note or text to get the process started.

How long have you been producing music?

Started getting more serious as a teenager in 1996 (producing for songs that I was writing and performing) and started doing this for others in 2001.  So you get someone with some experience but also still a young cat 😉

If you are Moody, who is Sanktifyd?

Same person.  Sanktifyd Music (ASCAP) is my publishing company. I went with “moodygotbeats” because it is easier for folks to remember vs. my alternate spelling of sanktifyd (“sanctified”). Same though. 🙂

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