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I've been producing since 2001. I have always gravitated toward melodic beats - way before OVO or Drake came on the scene. I currently produce using NI Maschine and I am also an audio and mixing engineer. Having produced for a few years now, I have learned that this industry is about determination and believing in yourself. It is also about patience and understanding that we all have to find our lane if we want to be authentic. I appreciate you stopping by and maybe we can work together on a project sometime - I am always looking to work with artists who share the same Spirit in order to make good music.


Frequently Asked Questions.

What does exclusive licensing mean?

Exclusive licensing means that I only license the beat to a single artist. Artists who are serious use exclusive beats. Nothing wrong with non-exclusive beats but there is a reason you pay $10 for it - you run the risk of sharing the beat with some other artist. Not a good look unless you are doing a demo or mixtape.

What file formats do you offer?

When doing drafts and revisions, I'll send you MP3s. Once revisions are done, I send everything tracked out as 24-bit WAV files.

How much are your beats?

Cost entirely depends on the situation and your budget. That's not an attempt to get more money from you, I've just been doing this long enough to know how things typically work. I'm flexible though. I don't let money get in the way of making good music.

How come I can't find any full-length beats on your site?

I don't post half-length or full-length beats on my site because people steal. I do have a hidden SoundCloud page though. Contact me for access.

Do you offer music services?

If you twist my arm enough, I may consider mixing an album for you. To hear samples of my mixing, check out the album "What If" by Goodie Soul. I mixed that entire album using Presonus Studio One and a fair amount of Waves plugins.

Do you have any free beats?


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