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Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Urban, something melodic or emotional - I got you. Exclusives only.

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3 Reasons to Work With Me

Let's Get Started

Listen to my catalog and hear what catches your ear. I promise you that the lyrics are in the beat, you just have to listen and find the right one.
Let's chop it up and build some. Contact me and let me know what beat(s) you are feeling and what you have in mind for your project.
Agree on pricing. We will find a balance on pricing so that you are respecting my craft but I'm also respecting your budget. All in writing too.
My favorite part! I will get you a mix to start writing and provide STEMS to your mixing/recording engineer so they can do their thing.


What is a producer’s fee?

Traditionally, the producer’s fee was the money paid up front to have the producer travel to your studio, setup his gear and produce the track. Basically money to acquire the producer’s services. While the internet has made things a lot easier (and we can work remotely - no need to travel), it is still money paid to acquire the services of a music producer. This is not something you see in the non-exclusive world. When paying for non-exclusive, the producer (really, beat maker) is betting on himself to sale that same beat multiple times to make up the fact that there is no producer fee. When you hear of stories of big-name producers getting $50K for a track, that is a producer fee. Fortunately, I don’t cost that much! :P

How much do you charge?

My producer's fee is unique to every situation. I take budgets into account and I have never let money be a hold-up to making good music.

What sort of artists do you work with?

I work with artists who want to make good music. The question is "what is good music"? To me, good music is music that inspires people to do better. This means if you want to do songs that glorify things that do not inspire or does not direct people toward Truth, I won't be interested.

How can I hear your beats?

You will need to use the contact form to get at me. I will then respond with a link with beats that you can check out on your phone or computer.

Do you offer non-exclusives at a cheaper price?

I have admittedly struggled with this. I’ve gone back and forth, as I look at other revenue streams for my craft. Right now (2020), I’ve decided to not offer non-exclusives. There are plenty of beat maker offering this right now so adding one more (myself) won’t add any value to an already over-saturated market. If your price is a sticking point for you, just contact me so that we can work something out.

What file formats do you offer?

I provide 24-bit WAV files to ensure the highest quality for your mixing engineer.

About Me

About Me

I started producing professionally nearly 20 years ago. Like many producers, I was a young artist who needed beats and that started my journey. I was blessed to be able to meet up with platinum producer D-Black who explained many things to me about the music industry.

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Send a message if you have any questions. Fast response.